Friday, August 28, 2009


Ok... this is somewhat strange. I may need at some point in the future to come back and re-read this (I hope not). But, this morning is Friday morning. And, I am not any more excited about it being Friday than I would be if it were any other day. It used to be that Friday was awesome because it was the end of the work week. I don't necessarily feel that way this morning. This morning, it just sort of seems like another day, no better, no worse than any other.

Now, maybe this is happening because I worked a partial "unofficial" work week this week in preparation to "officially" start on Monday. Or maybe this is happening because there's still the strong "new car smell" with the whole career change. I am hoping that it's because I might just have finally reached a place in life where I might, just might actually love what I am doing for a living. And, if that's the case, I am told that I'll "never have to work another day in my life." Wouldn't that be something?


God, I am surrounded by... well, rather immersed in change right now. I pray that I have the faith to hang in there and see things through calmly into this new chapter. After all, I asked for a new career, I prayed for one lol. I've got many people on my mind these days who could use Your Help, Your Healing Loving Hand. I pray that they may receive Your Blessings. Thank You God for this continual miracle of sobriety, for good health, for the means to pay our bills, for family and friends. Please help me remember that it's not necessary that I be stressed out today.


Anonymous said...

To have a job you love is the best feeling professionally one can have. Your right, when you love it, the lines seem to fade from work to time off. I work from home and am so grateful to have a skill that provides for our home in a almost stress free environment.

Scott said...

So far, it's a great feeling!