Saturday, September 26, 2009

5K Pumpkin!

Well, it's up and at 'em for me this morning. I am going to participate in my first ever 5k event. I'd call it a run because for most participants it is. I however, am not much of a runner, lol. I will be walking quickly most of the way, with the occasional jog thrown in for good measure.

Thanks for all the well wishes already, kool!

The 5K run is part of our little town's now annual Pumpkinfest. About 5 years ago, we baked the world's largest Pumpkin Pie and yes it was certified a world record by the good folks at Guiness. The following year they decided that the Pumpkin event would involve dropping giant pumpkins on cars, thereby smashing them. That made a few little national news blips, it was really quite something to see. They've since raced the Pumpkins down the Miami and Erie canal that runs through town, they made them into racing carts and pushed them down the street, complete with timed pitstops lol. They sell Pumpkin bratwurst (oh man, yummy!), Pumkpin Pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies you name it. A local restauranteur/brewer came up with Pumpkin Ale for this year's event. The whole thing has really become quite a spectacle over the 5 or so years since it's inception. Giant Pumpkin Growers come from all over the midwest to weigh in win the Giant Pumpkin contest. Last year's winner came in at a staggering 1272 lbs.

So now as Chamber Director, I will have a display set up that showcases the history of the Miami and Erie Canal in our community, and be around to answer questions and so forth. This assumes that I will be somewhat coherent after this run/walk/jog/waddle lol. It'll be a fun day!

I hope you all anjoy your day as well, thanks for coming by :-)

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Enjoy your day darlin'