Sunday, September 27, 2009

I surprised myself!

I did it!

It was kool, painful, loooooong and well, kool lol. Of course, being the "non-runner" type person I am, I walked (pretty "fastly" lol) for 90% of it lol. But, I did jog here and there and I finished my first 5K. I saved a good stretch of running for the finish so I could finish strong and feel good about that. I ended up finishing in 47:20 and ahead of maybe 5% of the field. So, I met my goals, I finished and not last, lol.

It's a big deal to me because I have never done anything like it before and like I said, I am just not a runner. When I work out, I usually do my thing on the elliptical machine and when I do walk it's usually only 1-2 miles max at a time. I'll tell ya, the old mind get's a goin' when you're out there on the road alone, your shins are on fire and you're thinking "there's no way I am going to do this..." (and literally, that was within the first 1/4 mile, lol I get shin splints bad lol) But, HP hung with me, I pushed myself sensibly, ran when I could, took motivation and energy from the other runners and by the time I passed the 1 mile marker I knew I could do it. I prayed alot, listened to some great music ("Let Love Rule" Lenny Kravitz is one of my fave workout albums...) and "worked it out..." It was really kool, and I am grateful to HP and my wife for pushing me to do it... It amazes me, how a simple thumbs up from someone along the route, or a blown kiss/hi five from my wife and son as we passed eachother where the route doulbed back on itself (they were waaay ahead of me lol) and, some nice encouraging comments from my blogger friends really made a difference for me.

Thanks for the encouragement you guys!


The Turning Point said...

Know the feeling, been there.
You finished! You're a winner!

The Turning Point, JF's weblog

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