Tuesday, September 15, 2009

acceptance and choices

This morning I have to go set up a table top display at the County Council on Aging office for a get together in honor of National Senior Citizen month. So, I don't have a lot of time to blog right now. While I do have a LOT to do at my desk in the office today, it will be nice to be able to be out in public meeting people, letting HP drop some new folks in front of me for a bit of discovery. I guess I could look at this as some nonsense waste of time because I may not be completing paperwork or organizing other Chamber events that are coming up. But, what kind of dumb attitude is that? This is my chance to get out there and let our "seasoned" population know that we're eager to engage them, they still matter and that we're here to help in any way possible. So, that's what I am about today!

lol, I crack myself up... I will have to go into greater detail in a future post I guess but last nite at our Fall Cub Scout recruitment meeting I managed to pick up/foster/further develop an occasional off again/on again resentment. Like my paragraph above, it's an opportunity where HP has left me with choices. I can be an ass, be all judgemental, sanctimonious and "right." Or, I can simply be a grown up compassionate accepting person (the kind of guy us Scout Leaders are SUPPOSED to be.) So, here's just a lil background...

You know in Scouting that there's plenty of opportunity to earn awards/patches,e tc. Well, the same hold true for the Adult Leaders in Scouting. Well, we have this fellow among us who's more interested in decorating his uniform than he is in actually fulfulling the requirements to earn things. And ok, it's Scouting I get that. There will be those people. Last nite she showed up with a knot award on his uniform that he really hasn't earned. It's a knot I earned as Den Leader this past year, and I worked pretty hard at being a good Den Leader and I did the stuff, and will be presented with this knot at a future meeting. Well, this guy went out and bought the knot himself, and I don't even think he's filled out/turned in the necessary paperwork and all that stuff we're required to do. Well, when he came up to me last nite to show me his new knot, it was all I could do not to blast him. I don't want this to be about "he got a knot and I didn't" lol. That's not the point (for the most part, lol) It just frosts me because it's not an easy thing to earn, it's not an "entitlement" for someone who just hung around while the work was being done. It's a special achievemnt given to Leaders who have done the job right and then some. And, it's not how things are done in Scouting. And lastly, it's this particular fellow... If it were someone who simply made a dumb call and an honest mistake, ok fine. But this fellow just doesn't get it, and sets a poor example for the youth. I'm not the only one he's pissed off. In fact, I am probably one of the few people who will try to befriend this guy.

So, blah blah blah Scott lol! Scouting Knots aren't worth hurting a guy's feelings or wrecking my emotions. That's certainly not what the Scouts have in mind when it comes to achievements. But geeze it ticked me off lol. So, the plan for today is to focus on my role as a Scout Leader and do the very best job I can do. Someone else will have to sit this fellow down and have a talk with him, I'm not going to be the "sour grapes" guy lol. but it's a great opportunity (thanks HP) to practice these principles in ALL my affairs. In the scheme of things, it's not a big deal. And I refuse to get tripped up (for the MILLIONTH time) on "it's the principle of the thing." lol

Isn't it funny, the stuff we let get to us? I'm as bad as my Wolf Cubs lol

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