Wednesday, September 16, 2009

feelin' groovy

See that? I told you I was going to have a positive attitude and it's just a good thing I did. I had a wonderful time meeting all those folks at the Senior Day yesterday. I had NO clue what an awesome service our County Council on Aging provides. I guess when you're at my stage of life, there's no way of realizing these places are out there. It's good to know that someone is out there looking out for our older population, making sure they are not forgotten but that they are well looked after and most definitely engaged and connected to our local communities.

I am already feeling a little better, with regard to my demeanor/attitude/emotional stability after having resumed my anti-depressant med regimen as prescribed. Again, it's only a small daily dose of Zoloft, but it does make a difference in how I feel. So, I will take the advice I share with folks in meetings and get with my doc instead of trying to manage that stuff on my own(thanks Steve E for rmeinding me of that).

Well, it's another busy day for me, so I have to dash and make this brief... God Bless y'all, thanks for coming by and look for the next right thing to do!

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dAAve said...

Apparently, neither you nor I are very good doctors.