Saturday, September 12, 2009

little bit of stuff

Well, not alot to say today. It's a quiet Saturday, had a soccer game this morning, kids did well, had fun but came up short on the scoreboard. I just got the mowing done and now I am putting off further work for a little while. My wife is sick with the "creeping crud" coughing and worn out, congested all that fun stuff. Ian is dealing with some nasty allergies that have had him coughing to beat the band for two weeks. So, we're laying low and taking it easy this weekend.

My wife heard from our niece this morning and I guess she drank last nite. I was glad she called us today though. I just wish she'd get herself into the program and quit screwing around. We had a great share while we were together last weekend, and I really tried hard to impress upon her the importance of having a daily program, and surrounding herself with sober people. She sounded good, but a lil too confident that she's going to make it this time. So perhaps this experience will bring her to her senses... Plus, I don't think mom and dad are pushing her to go to meetings, so who knows. I just wish she could get herself together but at least she called. I'll continue to pray for her.

I have this friend... her boyfriend is struggling with cancer. They arent even 40 yet and they are having to fight for his life and it's not looking good. It's spreading. So please, if you think of it, keep my friends J and T in your prayers. I wish I could do more to help them but they are across the state so all I can really do is pray.

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