Sunday, September 06, 2009

on the road

Hello from the mountains of West Virginia! I have a couple minutes to myself, thought I might pop in and say hey.

We've had a nice visit so far, good to see the in-laws and plenty of good food to eat, as usual. This morning we're heading down to Mass. It's always nice to go as a family together. Our niece "N" made the trip, seems to be doing well, given the stresses of visiting her elderly grandparents and family for the first time in forever. I think later today we'll have a little time to sit down together and talk about some things. I'll be praying for some guidance at Church this morning for sure.

I had been asking for some help and oddly enough (well, not really odd) I have a fairly vivid series of dreams surrounding early recovery and drinking. So, that really brought some issues to the front of my mind, and sort of clearly reminded me of how it was for me early on. Perhaps HP was "setting me up" for a later coversation today. It's always good to get a strong personal reminder of why we stay sober, and the horrors of our drinking/drugging lives.

We'll head home tomorrow, late morning/lunch time.

Peace be with you all.

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