Friday, September 04, 2009

a chance to help...

Well, it's Friday! It has been a whirlwind week and a three-day weekend doesn't sound half bad right about now. This afternoon we'll all pile into the car and head to West Virginia to visit my wife's family for the weekend. Her brother and his family are coming in as well and it should be a real nice weekend.

From time to time I have mentioned a family member named "N" who's really been struggling with this disease. She's been through an awful time in her young life and she's currently sober, having just come out of rehab. She will be coming to West Virginia for this visit also (she's my wife's niece) and it's the first time I will have met her face to face. I am really excited about meeting her and making myself available to her, should she wish to talk recovery. If she seems open and responsive, I was intending to offer to run her to a couple meetings while we're in town and just hopefully make a connection so she feels ok to call and talk recovery should she need to. She's been a frightful mess, getting into all sorts of bad situations for herself, and she's not really had any good, consistent stretches of sobriety. The thing about this weekend is that my wife's parents are 80+ yrs old and her dad especially is lacking some understanding and very frustrated with his grand-daughter's issues. He can be a bit gruff and has a tendency to make some rather pointed remarks about his feelings on subjects lol. And so my wife's mom is a basket case about the weekend and is already micro managing the visit lol. It's going to be a great place for an al-anon intervention for all the surrounding family member lol. My wife and I are going to simply do our best not to add to that insanity.

I hope and pray that sobriety sticks for "N" this time. And I pray that I am ready to be there for her, should HP give me the opportunity to be there for her. I also pray that I am patient and avoid "pushing." I want to be helpful, that's all. God has given me such a wonderful gift of recovery, I want so badly to help her get this gift as well, heck she's still in her 20's. Perhaps my role will merely be to support my wife as she works/talks with "N" over the weekend, who knows. I just hope I can help plant the seed. Perhaps my role will simply be to not add to an already intense weekend lol. I am going to begin with that task and go from there.

wish me luck! I'll probably be pretty happy to see home on Monday lol.

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