Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ok, we've made it to Thursday already and still going strong. My first week on the new job and it's all still good lol.

Last evening was our annual "back to CCD Mass" to kick off the religious ed school year. Mass was beautitful and well attended with a nice reception following, out in the courtyard under a beautiful sunset and moonrise. It was a real nice way to get back into the spirit of sharing with our church youth.

This will be my third year teaching CCD. The first two years, I had just one section of 8th graders all year, and it was my job to cover as much as possible in about 24 classes together. This year we're going to switch things up a bit. I've got 7th and 8th grades mixed and we've split them into 4 groups. Each group will have each of the 4 CCD teachers twice for 3 week modules. This will give them more variety in teaching style, more structure and give us more time for prep/fewer lessons to prepare. I think this will work out better. Plus, I 've picked up two section of high school kids for a class I've dubbed "what is it that we're doing on Sunday mornings in Church anyhow?" We'll go through the various parts of Mass from beginning to end and discuss what we're doing, what it means and, most importantly I will give them something they can take away and use personally as they attend Mass. For me, that's the whole point. I want my kids to understand our faith and find ways to grow in our faith personally. I'd rather accomplish that, then just blow a bunch of "meaningless" factoids and doctrine at them. I want to give them something they can relate to and use, while teaching them our faith.

Wednedsay evening is my normal home group meeting and again this year, my Wednesday night has gotten overbooked with teaching commitments. (my choice of course) I finally got someone to step up and open/chair our meeting so that's taken care of at least. Now I just need to see to it that my own meeting needs are met with my busy schedule. I cannot afford to "drift away."

This morning I ask HP for help...

God please remove my obsession to drink, use drugs and smoke... God please help me see Your Will throughout the day today. I pray that I remember to be of service first. Thank You God for my health, sobriety, family and friends. Thank You for this blogging tool that adds so much to my recovery. I pray for Your Blessings and Divine hand of healing in the lives of those people I know who are struggling with various illnesses and difficulties.

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dAAve said...

Glad the job seems to be workin' out.