Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I don't know about the weather where you live but here in West Central Ohio it has been PERFECT! It's been sunny, lightly breezy, highs in the low 70's lows in the 40's, just perfect! Weather like that makes it easier to be happy lol It surely makes me want to golf lol. I never did get out on the course between leaving the bank and starting at the Chamber. Too many things to do lol.

Faith... gives me the strength to do things I might not otherwise be able to do, if I thought about them for too long. At over 13 years sober, I find myself doing things I would never thought possible. Through living the AA principles, I've come to rely on HP, to trust my instincts again and I am even coming to be able to accept outcomes. I was such a shambles spiritually and emotionally when I came to AA, there's no way I could even think about living the type and quality of life I live today. Geeze, this career change thing has made me realize how much I've changed since getting sober. Living in a town of 3,000 people and getting a public position like chamber director changes things, lol. All of a sudden people want to talk to me about things, have me come to their organizational meetings, sit on their boards. If I had a dollar for every person who's come up to me somewhere and said "good luck," "hey I saw you in the paper/heard you on the radio" or "congratulations on your new job, you'll do great!" I probably wouldn't have to go to work the rest of the week lol. There was a time when I could never have handled that bit of attention without either freaking out, or
developing a seriously inflated ego. I am a little surprised and overwhelmed by the attention this job has brought, and I've barely begun. I can see that I will need to do an excellent job because I am sure this attention can easily turn negative lol.

Today, I realize it's just a public job with a responsibility to the communities I serve. HP put me in this position, I just helped get there by using some of the tools HP has given me. I pray that I can keep this perspective, stay (or grow, lol) humble and keep an attitude of service in the forefront of my mind. Once again, like everything else in my life that's happened since coming to AA, I have HP and AA to thank for where I am today. I did my part at times, but it's only through faith in God and AA's principles that have got me to this point. I marvel at this miracle. I am grateful for this miracle and I pray I can make the most of this opportunity!

peace be with you all!


Recovery Road London said...

Like he bit on Faith. Thanks f0r sharing it.

Anonymous said...

It would not be hard to let let such affections go to your head. But thanks to stepping, we all tend to be a bit more realistic about our importance in this world don't we? You'll do fine and maybe along the way you will pick up some fine friends who go the long haul with you. How exciting to be in a position where change could be possible through your vision. Best of luck. Tammy