Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Well, my first ever 5K race/run/walk/jog/waddle is coming in only 3 weeks... 3 WEEKS! I continue to do my best to make time to walk in an effort to prepare. I have no designs on running the whole thing, I'm simply not in shape to do it. My knees forbid it lol. I only wish to start and finish the thing. I owe it to myself to do this. So I will do it.

Ok, daily health affirmation out of the way...

I awoke this morning early against my better judgement. We're "going racing" this afternoon/evening and I needed to sleep in a bit because it will be a late nite tonite and a long, early day tomorrow. We'll be heading over to a local dirt track (owned by the driver of the #14 car in the top level of stock car racing) for his annual charity event where he invites all these top professional stock car drivers to race late models on dirt. The money raised goes to support our military wounded and the families of the deceased military. (I am being purposefully vague about the details to avoid the crush of race fans that will show up if my blog pops up on searches relating to the event. It's that big of a deal, enough so to be on pay-per-view tonite). Anyhow, we're doing that tonite lol. Thankfully, we only live 30 minutes from the track

But my mind awoke me at 5:30... Actually I think it might have been HP. I awoke thinking about my new job and all the stuff I have to do and learn. It's like I insist on bringing stress into a situation where there's just no requirement for stress lol. So, rather than lie there and think, I got up and began to write what was rambling around in my "itty bitty sh*tty commitee." Yep, they were in full session dragging chairs and spilling coffee. Well, out popped a nifty little piece on our local unemployment rates and supporting local merchants. Part of what I do as Chamber Director is provide a few local newspapers with a monthly "editorial" having something to do with business/commerce/chamber stuff. At least that's what my predecessor did. I've always wanted to write and now I have the chance. I've been a bit apprehensive about writing for the paper since taking over the job and here something just showed up in my mind. Hopefully HP will help keep me from making a fool of myself publicly lol. I think I did ok addressing the Rotary club yesterday morning at 7:30 AM, good grief what a time to have to get your game face on lol.

y'all have a good one!

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