Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AA helps again...

Well, the Annual Meeting/Luncheon went well. We had 69 people total, the meeting ran about 90+ minutes and went off without a hitch. I got a some positive feedback, and the only negative feedback was that one person complained about the service from the restaurant. They had a guy and a gal working our banquet room, they kept us in food and drink the whole time, so I couldn't see the issue lol. Some folks gotta find fault with something :-) I am glad that's behind me now.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire, this morning I get to be a guest on the local classic rock radio station morning show. Yea, one classic rock station around here lol, we're out in the "sticks" sorta, lol. It's a local small town station and the morning show guys are pretty kool, it should be fun. It sure has been wild, this media attention...

AA helps again... Yesterday I had to present our Annual Report for the Chamber to the group at the meeting. So, I had to give a 15-20 minute talk to these folks. It never really occured to me, to be all mortified about having to do this. Sure, I was nervous, but none of that "public speaking" stage fright, frozen knot in the throat fear that some folks get over public speaking. It occured to me in reflection that leading AA meetings cured me of this fear of speaking to people. I love to share my story (hell, it's my fave topic... ME!) in a lead meeting. So, I think that having gotten up and told my alcoholic/addiction tale over the past 13 years has "toughened me up" when it comes to public speaking. I enjoy it, I look forward to it. Now, I need to work on
my pacing, not straying all over the place and my timing. But, it sure is kool not to be afraid to do it.

It's just another example of how AA has prepared me to be in the place I am in today. AA has a way of doing these things, without us even knowing... Who needs proof of a Higher Power, a Power greater than ourselves?? There it is, again!

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Syd said...

I like what you wrote about telling your story. I think it has gotten a bit easier each time. I'll do mine at a local meeting at the end of the month. Thanks for the post.