Wednesday, October 28, 2009

faith in action

Well, CCD tonite is trick or treating for canned goods. I run a vanload of insane Jr High kids around town and they go out and get canned goods and we take them all back to church, to be given to a local food pantry. It's good fun, and a nice break from teaching class. But dang, these kids are usually wired, lol. It makes me sleep good when we're done counting and stacking and running all over town. It feels really good to help. The food pantries are getting low on food and these kids NEED to know that there are people right in our pleasant little small town who need our help, especially now with the economy as it is, and the Holidays fast approaching. Most of the families around our community are doing well, and the large majority of these kids want for nothing. So, this is a very good exercise for them.

I still cannot get over how much more I enjoy life now that I have gotten out of the banking industry. I am definitely busier with more activites and meetings but the stress level is near zero, compared to the banking insanity. That just wasn't good for me. The only drawback I see, is that our finances are going to take a major hit due to the cost of health insurance and the not-so-hot salary. I've been promised the chance to increase my salary by improving things at the Chamber of Commerce, they just didn't have the money in this year's budget to pay more. So, I definitely have to hustle. In the mean time, I am hoping to pick up some side money doing God know's what.. teaching, consulting, marketing I don't know really. God provides, and takes care of us and right now I am just really placing my faith in Him and trying my best not to spend any time worrying. So far, I haven't been worrying a whole lot. That wouldn't be very faithful of me, now would it?

Have a peaceful day!

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Syd said...

I probably haven't had as much stress in a job as being in the banking profession but I'll be glad to start a new chapter in my working life in six months. I won't retire but will move onto another phase.