Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the "good" life

Life is just plain good these days...

That's all I can say really. The new career is turning out to be such a wonderful fit for my "skill set" and my personality. I cannot wait to see what doors come open to me as a result of being in this place. My opportunities to help others have increased tenfold and my stress level has decreased a hundredfold. Sometimes, I cannot believe what's happening in my life.

Oh sure, we don't have much money and there's things to fix and replace around the house. There are the stresses of married life and parenting a 2nd grader but those are just life things. At least now, without the insanity of an awful professional situation, I can enjoy my life more than ever before.

It's been a long, long time since I've come to meetings with the purpose of "staying sober" or maybe more correctly put, of avoiding the first drink specifically. Of course that's the goal still today but, my focus has changed. Today I come to meetings to enrich my life, to guard my peace of mind (and on some days, try to find it again lol), to share the miracle of sobriety with another suffering alcoholic/addict. I come to meetings because I want to (still because I need to) but the sense of "life or death if I don't get there today" is gone, thanks be to God. I see newcomers that remind me of the insanity of the last drunk and the immense learning curve presented to us at the beginning of recovery. (The kool thing being that as newcomers, we have no clue what we're really in for.) I see long timers doing what I am doing, putting one foot in front of the other, "trudging the happy road of destiny," coming to give and take as I do.

After thirteen plus years sober, there's still nothing quite like the fellowship and spirit of an AA meeting. I'm so grateful for AA!


Steve E. said...

Scott, I rather liked your "take" on why you go to meetings before, and NOW.

For me, it has just become one of the very few, very GOOD habits I've acquired. --by doing it.

And the benefits...meeting new peeps, helping them even when they do not know it.

God is in charge of everything, regardless of my input.


Syd said...

Great post and a good reminder as to why I also go to meetings. I get a lot from the newcomers.