Sunday, October 04, 2009


Once again, gratitude takes center stage this morning! I can just imagine how most of the folks I saw yesterday at Oktoberfest must be feeling this morning. I am grateful that I am not counted among the "casualties" of partying lol. It was a long day of shaking hands and talking but it was fun. I had some really great Brats for supper, so that was kool as well!

Today, it's back to the booth, and then the parade. Ian will ride along in the parade in the truck with me, he'll dig that... It's a huge parade, probably takes about two hours to run all the way through from first unit to last. I still belong to the Optimist Club in the nearby town where I had opened my business, not long after starting my blog a few years ago. Well, this particular Optimist Club has a fun little ongoing fundraising group that we like to call the "Precision Lawnmower Drill Team." We march in area parades with running (bladeless) lawnmowers, all decorated/"souped up" in various bizarre and entertaining ways. We march in formation, and have 5 "drills" we do along the way and it is a blast, people LOVE us lol. Well, my unit is #48 and the lawnmower team is back in #138. So, I am hoping to be able to circle back around and join them after I go through the parade. It's fun to act like the big giant kid that I am!

This weekend has been yet another demonstration of the power of God and AA. All the beer, wow! It's sold in half gallon jugs, steins, cups, glasses, you name it. It would've been paradise for me back in my heyday. Today, it's just something that people do, that I simply cannot participate in successfully. Thankfully, I don't crave or even really miss it. God has removed my obsession to drink, through Alcoholics Anonymous and today I am grateful!


Madison said...

A long day of shaking hands would only be fun for some. You sound like you and your life are in a perfect groove.

Scott said...

know what Madison? you're right, I am living in the groove, the stream of life and so forth... it feels nice!