Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

lol 41 years old... time for a mid-life crisis, right? Thank you no, I've had my share of crises!And besides, I am not much into motorcycles, and the 20 year old girlfriend probably isn't in the cards either. I guess I will settle for a busy day at work, hopefully an early departure from the office, a nice nite with the fam: watching Ian run the track at the High School football game with his running club; helping my Tiger Den raise the Flags before the game and cleaning the stadium afterwards, and that will be that. Tomorrow, we head up to Toledo to visit with my dad and step-mom to do Ian's birthday with them. I'm not a big birthday guy, as far as my own b-day is concerned. It's all good but no need to make a big old fuss, lol. I feel like I ought to give me parents a gift for bringing me into this world lol.

I can tell you that I am grateful to God for another year, and especially for being sober. The way I was living, there was no guarantee I'd celebrate 40+ birthdays. There were about 3 years or so, in Houston while "attending grad school" where I really had gone over the edge... I was riding around with a neighbor who had bulletholes in his car, buying my cocaine from some scary folks. I was buying "rocks" from rather unsavory characters on street corners, was getting my "left handed cigarette" making materials right off the boats from Mexico and so forth... I was taking LSD four hits at a time, seeing some pretty freaky things and doing God knows what... It's a miracle, as naive a guy as I was during those years, that I didn't get myself killed or jailed. Other than all that, Houston was really a LOT of fun, great city!

So, along with my AA birthday in January, my "belly button" birthday today is indeed one of life's miracles. And, as a result of that, my life today when compared to my life back then is an amazing example of the change that can come about, one day at a time when we try to live the principles and spiritual life of a sober alcoholic/addict in AA. So, yea, I got some gratitiude this morning!

peace and gratitude to you all :-)


Syd said...

Hey Scott, I posted on birthdays yesterday. Hope that yours is a good one. Enjoy and Happy Birthday to you.

Madison said...

Wow! Happy Birthday indeed.