Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday stuff...

It's a beautiful sunny morning with a heavy frost.. It's the first heavy frost, It was damn cold last nite waiting for that football game to end so our Cub Scouts could clean the stadium, take down the flags, eat the leftover concession food and go home. It was a good night even though we got crushed and probably knocked out of the playoffs. It always feels good to have a bunch of good kids running around doing good community service work.

Ian has a soccer game in a couple hours. I wish I could figure out how to coach those kids to be more agressive on offense and "take" the ball into the other end of the field instead of just kicking it away to the other team. We haven't scored a goal since Bush was in the White House lol. I hope at least that the kids have learned some things and that they've had fun. I think now that we're about done with our season, the focus of the final games and practice will be less intent upon scoring and more intent upon having fun. We sort of began that trend this past practice and the kids seemed to enjoy it more. I don't know, I am just the coach lol.

Today is a day when I must look for God's Will in my life. I must consider what I can do to be of service to God and to those around me. I am headed into a difficult environment, going to visit my dad and step mom. There is much tension with them because I forgot my dad's birthday and they blow off most everything Ian has going on, while professing to be these "family centric people" who think family is everything but only go to see my step sisters kids activities. Then they turn around and give us shit about not coming to visit often enough and not being a big enough part of the family... It's an al-anon meeting waiting to happen lol So, I must be positive and grateful and detach with love. I will let them be them and let them be where they are at. I will deflect their constant subtle judgement of me and my family and accept their inability to let me be me and where I am at. I will not allow their hipocrasy to ruin my gratitude and positive spiritual space.

Wish us luck! lol (all this just to go celebrate my son's birthday with them, it sucks... they are missing out on a special young boy!)

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Syd said...

Your solution of detaching with love is good. I can't get caught up in the judgment of others. Or what they want me to be. It's just another form of control that I'm not buying.