Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yesterday went well, the trip up home was fun and stress free... My step bro even popped by unannounced, very good to see him! We had homemade crabcakes for supper, yum! It was a nice trip. And yesterday morning my soccer kids played well and had fun. We finally got a goal and lots of pressure up front but in the end we didn't win. But, I am so proud of those little rugrats! They played great, we were short a bunch of kids so we couldn't sit anyone out and they hung in there, had fun and played well. I love when they improve and have fun! That to me, is what it's all about!

This morning we'll get ready and head to Mass... get my weekly spiritual "upload/recharge" worshipping with my peeps and joning the Lord with my soul through the Eucharist. My spiritual program has really grown and expanded over the 13 years I have been sober. I used to be dead set against organized religions. But the various experiences I've had in sobriety have opened my heart to God in such a way that I felt compelled to fully come to the lord via Baptism, Confirmation, and ultimately the Eucharist. That's just how it's worked for me.

That's a part of what I love so much about AA. We all come to know, understand and love a HP in our own way and understanding. The important thing is that we all come to the conclusion that we need help in life, especially with our disease and that the help MUST come in the form of a power greater than ourselves... I had to accept that I was powerless over most things and there the is a HP and He's not me lol. Once I came to that conclusion, the pgroam began to come easier, sobriety was less of a battle, I could make a decision to give it to God (my HP).

Anyhow, that's where I am at this morning... y'all have a peaceful day!

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Mary Christine said...

So glad to have you on this same road with me.