Saturday, October 31, 2009

a nice saturday

Well, we made it through another football season of flag raisings and stadium cleanups with the Cub Scouts. Last nite was freakishly warm (70 degrees at game time on Oct 30th) but it was really windy and rainy all nite so that part wasn't so much fun lol. But, the boys that did show up did a great job and we had fun. Stadium clean up is a good little money maker for us.

Today, it's windy again, and grey/gloomy. The "honey-do's" are out there to be done and I will have to go in to the office for a couple few hours to get some work done. I have to write scripting for abunch of radio ad's we'll be running to promote a big holiday shopping weekend for our retail Chamber members. Then Monday I get to go to the studio and record all the commercial spots... I really like the radio part of my job with the Chamber, that's fun. I will also get to the gym today and "hammer" the elliptical for a couple miles before shooting some hoops...

I love days like today... I don't HAVE to be a bunch of places... I don't have anyone I need to call or talk to. I can spend time with my wife and son, getting stuff done and maybe finding time for a little fun together. It's just sort of one of those hibernation days lol. We need those once in awhile. Our schedules are busy and it's nice to take some time away from the crazy lol.

I will also spend time today reflecting on the many miracles in my life that have come since getting sober. I like to spend time reflecting on gratitude, it keeps my attitude where it needs to be. I will also spend time in prayer today for friends that have been going through some tough times. I have to spend time focussing on someone other than me, and today I choose to pray for my friends. It's important for me not to spend too much time thinking about Scott... MC reminded me of this earlier in the week... So, I will pray and meditate. I may even go up to church and light a few candles and meditate for my friends...

I hope you all have as great a day as I am going to have!

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steveroni said...

This day is great NO MATTER WHAT. I am sober NO MATTER WHAT! Thanks for a good read..