Monday, November 02, 2009

how I see it today

Monday morning again, heavy frost and the promise of a new day and all it's opportunity. That's how I choose to see things this morning. I've paid a few bills, gotten my first cup of coffee in the mug, read some blogs, thought kind thought about some friends and God an how I hope He is with them (Pam especially). Yesterday I did manage to get some stuff done and got to the gym. This time, instead of jogging/walking/elliptical, I played some basketball for about 45 minutes. That certainly worked up a sweat. I think it's good to mix up the workout a bit. It keeps me interested.

Today I get to go do some work at a local radio station. We're putting together a series of commercials promoting a local retail holiday shopping event. I got the scripting written on Saturday and today we cut it down and record the commercials. I have found that I really like radio. I think it would be a kool gig to have a weekly radio show for a couple hours. I could make a little extra money and have some good fun as well. Of course, I can talk and all that, I have a good sense of humor (and I have a face for radio, lol believe me). But, I don't really know the first thing about doing a radio show, from the perspective of opreating the board and all of that lol.

It still (thankfully) amazes me, the turns my life has taken since I got sober. My life is that of an entirely different, unrecognizable person (again, thankfully). I can't even imagine living how I used to. And I also cannot imagine what I would have said if you'd have told me 13+ years ago, I'd be living where I am and doing what I am doing today. It's just amazing, the path God will leads us down if we simply let him. Today, I will continue to do what I've done most every day for the past 13+ years. I will ask God to remove my obsession for alcohol and drugs, and ask Him to guide my thinking today. I think think of others and try to be helpful and carry God's Will into my day.

That's how I choose to see today. How will you see today?


Steve E. said...

Right now I'm praying. Don't know what the next hour will bring, but probably NOT what I've planned.

Now, back to my back yard, and peace, and quiet, and be with God. Pray for the Peeps in Houston TX who are going through physical and mental trials today.

dAAve said...

You sound very good, Scott. I like that.

vicariousrising said...

That would be cool if you got a radio gig! Those people seem to have a lot of fun. (it's not for me, though, because I can't stand the sound of my own voice, lol)