Tuesday, November 03, 2009

committee adjourned...

Well, the itty bitty sh*tty committe was up and at 'em bright and early this morning lol. So, here I am 5:00 am and posting already. At least I will get out ahead of dAAve this morning lol. The "topic du jour" upstairs in the meeting hall seems to be finances. We're currently running a deficit with regard to our personal finances. My wife's decided that she cannot handle a part time job other than the 3-4 times she works in the school cafeteria each month. So, that's not helping too much. My banking career was not paying well at all (couldn't get too many loans closed) and the stress was eating me alive so I left that nightmare finally, about 2 mos ago (thank you God for getting me outta there!!). The new job has a 50% higher base salary but no commissions so it net's about the same as the bank gig but there's no stress. So, we've made a HUGE stress reduction (my professional life has completely changed...) but the money sitation isn't pretty right now. My hopes and prayers are that with the exposure I'm getting as Director of our Chamber of Commerce, something will come along that I can use to supplement our income. Plus, I've been so much as promised a significant raise in June (we all know those promises, right??) by my board. I just need to crank up the revenue at the Chamber. So, I am all about doing that. And, the job is still 1,000,000,000 times more fun than the bank, lol.

All in all, as I sit here gaining perspective with each word I write, things are ok. We've got a decent amount of money tucked away so we're able to keep ourselves afloat with that. But, that's supposed to be for later on down the road so that's NOT a great plan. But, we're warm, we're eating, we're safe, we're insured (damn expensively I must say), and I am way less stressed out which helps around the house, lol. So, compared to others I know, we're doing just fine.

I've chosen to place my faith in HP on the income issue. I've made what I think is a good career move, placing myself in the best possible place to be noticed, lol. I put my trust in God and focus on doing the next right thing. For me to sit up and worry would not be trusting HP. So, for the most part, I don't spend a lot of time worrying. But, occasionally the "committee" holds a special session, dragging chairs and spilling coffee at 4:30 am and I have to get up and start my day early. This is life, this is sobriety, this is me living life, being sober and doing my best with what I've got. It's not always pretty but it's alot better than it used to be.

I am grateful for...

a warm fuzzy dog in bed with us;
a happy kid;
a wife who takes good care of him;
a fun, challenging profession I really enjoy;
being sober and reasonably healthy;
a strong return to the gym (that's growing more consistent and frequent each week);
a really great admin assistant;
the smell of a different season is in the air;
a "two way" relationship with God today;
the courage to have faith...


dAAve said...

I totally relate to the financial thing. That's where we are at too. It'll all work out.

Syd said...

My committee has been active about projecting things around people. I just have to let that go. Nothing I can do.