Wednesday, November 04, 2009

keeping it simple today is the key

Well, it's back to the TV set for me today. I go to a Christian TV station in a larger community nearby to promote our upcoming Holiday Open House weekend for local merchants, retailers and home-based businesses. We're taping a segment for a community datebook interview show. Now that I'ev done it once, I am not as nervous as I was the first time lol. This weekend open house event kicks off our Holiday shopping season around here and it's a big deal to the retailers who participate. We base everything on our German heritage, with traditional German foods, decorations and other German Christmas/shopkeeping traditions. So, there's lots of radio, TV, newspaper ads, articles and what not that goes along with the whole thing. Who knew I'd be working on my journalism chops at this gig, lol. It's actually a lot of fun, and my ego sort of enjoys the attention even thought it's really not about me at all.

This alcoholic can make anything be about himself lol. At least I can do that in my mind, and cause myself a world of hurt when my ego figures out that the world doesn't revolve around me. One might suggest that a career in the public service/sales/promotion sector might not be the ideal spot fo a self-centered addict/alcoholic like me. And early on in my recovery, I'd ahve agreed wholeheartedly. I wouldn't have touched a career like this with a 10 ft pole. All the goofy people, making demands, knowing only half the story, getting all excited, lol. It is enough to make you crazy if you let it. But today I KNOW it's not about Scott. Those people aren't all wrapped up in me like I am. They are wrapped up in themselves and their stuff, which is why they get so excited at times. Knowing this, I can let go of a ton of stuff, not take myself too seriously, keep service to God and others in the forefront of my thinking and things will go fairly well!

So, in my way of seeing things, this career IS perfect for this alcoholic. It's a great environment to stretch my selflessness "chops" a bit. It's a great way to get out of myself and get paid for doing so. It's just so cool to be looking forward to going in to work each day, even at what I perceive to be one of the tougher stretches of the year, based on the projects we're working on right now. The money thing I posted about yesterday will hopefully resolve itself with God's help and with me doing the next right thing. My job is to just keep plugging along, seeking God's Will, helping others, doing the next right thing. I think in AA we can that "Trust God, Clean House and Help Others." It's really that simple.

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Syd said...

I've often wondered why alcoholics think the world revolves around them. Heck, I'm not alcoholic and some days I get so stuck in a mire of self-pity that I think it revolves around me too. Thankfully, I get a dose of reality and realize that I'm not the center of things. It is humbling.