Friday, November 13, 2009

HP must see a need that I don't see... Yesterday I had posted about an old AA friend from Toledo reaching out to connect me with a friend of his son's who lives not far from me, who's trying to get sober. That all occured Wed, haven't heard from the young man yet. Now yesterday, my son's former kindergarden teacher calls my wife at home, wanting to know if I am "in charge of the AA meeting" in town. I have no idea how she knows I go to AA, but she does and that's fine with me. Her son evidently needs help with drinking. She's supposed to call me today so we can talk, I hope she does. So, like I said HP is hatching a plan to help me by attemtping to put a couple newcomers in my life. That "darned old HP," what a helper and planner He is :-)

This morning I have to run my Kia down to the far side of Dayton. The right front wheel bearing is going out, according to my mechanic. That's the bad news. The good news is that it's a warranty job and Kia pays to have it repaired. It'll keep me out of the office for over half the day so there's a little side benefit. But it alos means I neeed to get on the raod momentarily.

Our annual Holiday Open House weekend is this weekend for our retail Chamber members. I've been working on this whizbang since early October. Next year I am going to start in July or August, there's that many little loose ends to tie together. My "Chamber of Commerce Weather" is arriving today (just like I ordered, of course!) and we should be in good shape for a nice family-style German traditional Holiday open house this weekend!

Today, I pray that I am fit to help the newcomers that may come a-calling. I pray that HP/God uses me to transmit His message of hope and recovery. I also pray that they are willing to do what is necessary to grasp the Grace HP offers through AA. I am thankful today for so many things in my life... I pray that I find a way to let God know.

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♥Shann♥ said...

I love your enthusiasm to be available to new comers!!! Good Morning and Happy Friday!