Thursday, November 12, 2009

the miracle of AA...

I got a call yesterday from an old friend... He is a man who was in AA when I arrived, at the time a railroad engineer, now retired, gruff as hell but full of love for AA and men trying to get and stay sober. My wife was all offended because he seemed rude on the phone, lol. She offends very easily and he's a retired railroader, what can I say? It was really nice to talk with old John and catch up a bit. He was one who made an impression upon me as a newly sober, frightened young man. He found me by calling my first sponsor, who's still up in Toledo (where John lives in the summer). I love how AA works like that.

At any rate, he was calling from his winter home in Florida about a friend of his son's that lives in a nearby town who had called him about AA and getting sober. This young man has just come through a 30 day detox/treatment and needs to hook up with sober men. Hopefully he'll call me tonite and we can get a plan to meet. He is about 45 minutes away from me, but my old home group meets in a town exactly halfway between us. We could hook up there and I can get him into the hands of some sober men who could help him face to face on a daily basis. He said the fellow sounded in dire need and quite sincere about giving AA a good try. He's been going to some meetings since he got out of treatment, and is looking for a sponsor.

I just think it's really kool, the relationships we forge in AA, so that even after not seeing one another for probably 8 years, John can still call me anytime and ask for my/HP's help with a new man. Of course, my answer to him was an immediate "of course I will help in any way I can." That's how we roll in AA.

Whenever, wherever the hand of AA reaches out, I am responsible to be there. I forget exactly how that goes, but you get it... I pray that this is the beginning of yet another AA miracle.


Lou said...

That's how you roll...LOL! I'm most grateful to all who have reached out to my son.

Here's to another miracle for the young man.

♥Shann♥ said...

I totally love being a member of our society and being responsible to help anyone anywhere who reaches out their hand...

and she just started on the tromebone and really likes it... so far sounds like an elephant, buuuuut i have started hearing some notes make some sense when she plays!
at the end of 5th grade the band teacher for the 6th grade came and interviewed the students asking them which instruments they would like, I think Bayleigh was unsure, so the band teacher had her try the tromebone, and then told her that she had an ear for the tromebone... lol I dont know if he just needed more tromebone players or what... lol but she came home so proud and excited and so here we go on our adventure of the tromebone... I just love that she is interested and excited about music

have a great day scott

Anonymous said...

The power of AA has no boundries and I dig that! I and one brother are the only sober siblings in my entire family and AA has kept me sane more than once I assure you. I've been worked hard because I chose sobriety and boy they sure try to make me pay. But i'll give my props those who roll with AA any day & of course my highest power, God. Good for you to realize that "ole john" is just a gruff guy. I used to get easily offended until one day I walked in to an AA meeting. Well, you know the drill. It's all blinders of in there baby. :)