Sunday, November 15, 2009

miscellaneous debris

Alright... I've let Cosmo outside, gotten my first cup of coffee (in that order of course), I've visited a few of my blogs and we're off to another Sunday morning in my quiet home. This morning we play at Mass, my wife in the handbell choir and I in the brass choir. These are always special Masses, when we can enjoy playing music together. I think it's pretty kool that we can play together. She's never really been a musician until she began with the handbells last year. Kool...

I am also fiddling around with creating a social network for our Chamber of Commerce members. I'd love to have a dynamic web presence where they can share ideas via forums and chat, blog, have their own member page, post photos and so forth. I think once people realize what it is, it will go over well. At least I hope they find a way to benefit from using it.

Niether of those newcomers have contacted me, I hope they do... I would love to help them on their way to a better life. I owe... AA and HP were/are there for me and I owe it to be there for new poeple coming in the door. It's my responsibility to carry on the message freely, as it was given to me. I want AA to be there for future generations, including my son.

Today, Santa visits a local merchant so we'll take Ian down there for a photo and see if he is still into all that. He's always beleived in Santa, but he's also always been cautious of him when it gets down to "lap sitting time" lol. The weekend Holiday thing with our local merchants has gone quite well for 99% of them. While visiting them all yesterday I only came across one who didn't do well. But, they didn't do much with the weekend either so that stands to reason.

Anyhow, I guess I had better get in gear and get rolling here... Y'all have a wonderful Sunday!


dAAve said...

That is pretty cool that you and the wife play in the same choir.

btw - the guy at the piano with Dean Martin was Ken Lane

Lou said...

I'm hearing the economy is slowly but surely on the upswing. I would be so scared to have my own business in these times. Makes me grateful to clock out at night, and leave the work behind.

Playing at the mass together is so neat. The music at church is very much a part of the worship for me.