Saturday, November 21, 2009

saturday stuff

I just couldn't (wouldn't) muster the strength to drag my hide outta bed and go to the men's prayer group that meets at church two Saturdays a month. I like to sleep in just a bit on Saturdays when I can. Now it's time for coffee and bloggage and a relaxing wake up before I go get 'em.

I started working on our outdoor Christmas lighting last weekend, I hope to finish that this weekend. I love to have lights outside, always have. But I don't go anywhere near overboard. (that would require too much work lol). I also have to deliver all the popcorn my son and I sold for Cub Scouts. It's sitting out in the garage, ready to go. Tonite, we have a roller skating party for our Cub Scout Pack... that ought to be interesting lol! And tomorrow morning our brass group plays at Mass, that always nice! All in all, a busy weekend!

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family this year. We go to my mom's on Wed afternoon and stay there, then off to my step-sister's house to do the big meal with my dad's side of the family. It stresses my wife out to go up there, because she doesn't relate to some of them well, but we do the best we can, and I really love being around my folks. We don't get together too terribly often. So, when we do it's nice. I just wish it weren't so tough on my wife. She's just not a social person and she's so hard on herself that it can be very stressful for her in social settings, especially with my family. Hopefully, with us doing Christmas at her family's home in WV this year, she will be more at ease. I am blessed to have great in-laws, so there's no issues for me.

I'm just grateful that we're healthy and sober, and have families to go visit!


Lou said...

What a wonderful, sober week end!

Madison said...

Through it all, you always sound like your life is blessed.

enchantedoak said...

How lovely to have so many choices. My in-laws are passed on, my family is made up of a demented mom and two brothers who live far away or who don't like family gatherings. I have to make my own Thanksgiving, and sometimes that means I feel woebegone. But this year I'm inviting AA friends and my daughter and feeling hopeful. God bless your weekend.

Syd said...

It sounds as if you are going to have a good holiday. I wish you and your family the best.