Tuesday, December 29, 2009

back home again, briefly

We made it home from WV last evening, drove on some fairly wind-blown, icy and snowy roads as we got closer to home. But, that only slowed us down, no worries there! Tomorrow we head to Toledo to do my side of the Family Christmas Tour 2009, we'll be home from there on Friday. I want to have a full weekend to clean, organize, decompress before returning to the work routine on Monday.

We had a nice Christmas, my mother in law and I did theusual tradition of preparing the holiday meal together. She's 80 and starting to forget stuff, so I am glad I was there to help. Santa came of course, and Ian did well, he was pretty excited, had a good time. My wife and I got along well all week so that was good. Her folks paid for us (my wife, Ian and me) to go skiing all day last Wednesday. I had never been on skiis so that was a learning experience. I actually did really well. I never fell until after ym 90 minute lesson was over, I took a break then hit the slopes again without tightening my boots back up. It turns out, there's a reason why you clamp those babies tight lol. It took three falls in rapid success for me to realize I hadn't tightened them back up lol.

I spent a TON of time texting back and forth with Kayla. I learned alot about her this week and she is a certified mess. She's boy crazy way beyond the "normal" 15 yr old boy craziness. Let's just say she's well beyond the acceptable experience levels (sexually) of a 15 yr old girl. I spent a lot of time "listening" and sharing along those lines, without being some big grouchy, judgemental prick or anything. I was able to get a good message across, who knows lol. All I can do for her is listen, provide a good example, give her some honest, loving advice when I can and let God handle the rest. I am just shocked at all the issues this young lady has with her parents, boys, girls (yea, girls), and all sorts of stuff. I pray for her often, to say the least. It's been a real eye opener.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is enjoying a blessed Holiday season with family and friends! Peace to you all!


dAAve said...

We really need to see the video of you skiing.

I am sooooooooooo glad i am not a teenager during these times. Thanks for that reminder.

Mary Christine said...

Can I just be the crazy old religious lady from Denver for a minute and say that every time you talk about Kayla deafening alarm bells start ringing in my brain? Please be careful.

Thank you.

Scott said...

Ya MC, duly noted.... I hear you loud and clear and you're not some crazy old religious lady :-)

Syd said...

I'm with MC. This is a different day and age for teenagers for sure. I cringe when I think how difficult it must be for kids today and selfishly am glad that I don't have any.