Saturday, January 02, 2010

Well, that's it! The Holidays are over, we've made it home again. Let the decompression begin and let's get back to hum drum, right? lol

I am glad we've got this weekend so we can get unpacked, organized and ready to get back into the groove. I've got a busy week lined up and lots to do at work. So, I am set to enjoy a weekend of puttering around the house and getting organized!

The trip to Toledo was really nice. We had a nice visit with all my family and friends. I even got a nice little bonus and was able to go hang out and visit with Kayla for a few hrs Friday morning before we headed for home. That was very kool to sit and hang out with her and some of my old friends.

My wife and I have been doing well, a day at a time. We're keeping our noses in the Al-Anon literature and this week I will call and make us an appointment for some counselling. We're going to make a go of this. So, please pray for us!

This Christmas was nice, but so much travelling kinda wore me out. I got home last night and couldn't help feeling just a little bummed out. I was grateful to go see Kayla but it was hard to leave. I guess it's just going to be like that for awhile until we get into a "routine" and our relationship develops. I guess maybe its just the post Christmas let down, I dont know.


Enchanted Oak said...

I don't think anything about your life is going to be "humdrum" with all these interesting connections going on. There is nothing more satisfying than repairing a relationship in recovery.

Syd said...

Next week is back to work for me. I understand the feeling of let down. I would have liked for the holidays to continue. I had a great time. Best wishes to you.