Sunday, January 03, 2010

presenting the gifts

My wife, son and I were blessed to be the ones to present the gifts at Mass today. I always love being a part of Mass, in whatever capacity. We carried up the offering, bread and wine prior to communion, Ian did great, it was really heartwarming. most families in our parish blow this off and the ushers just bring up the gifts. I think it's important for us to do this together as a family.

I prayed at Mass for our niece Natalie, who's back in rehab again for the umpteenth time. This kid is just unable to get it. I pray that this is the time Natalie "gets it." I prayed at Mass for my marriage and my family, for Kayla, for you all, for a friend who finally lost his 18 month battle with an awful brain tumor. I am grateful he is finally at rest.

I began this post this morning and Blogger crashed and I lost most of it. It was really good too! That kinda stuff pisses me off lol.

This week, there is a new noon meeting starting in the small town where I live. I relatively "new-ish" guy has decided we need more meetings in our tiny town. I am grateful sinec I cannot make my home group any more due to the conflict with my CCD teaching schedule right now. I am ashamed to tell you how long it's been since I attended my last meeting. Suffice it to say that you're all free to "let me have it" via comments. The good news is that I can at least get to this noon meeting now with some regularity. Plus, he is going to try to run in Mon, Wed and Fridays. I don't know that there will be enough support for three days, but who knows, maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised. Also, our annual Winter Men's AA retreat is coming up in a couple weeks. I am ready to get in there and do some "spiritual heavy lifting..."

My wife and I have been doing alright, a day at a time. Yesterday she voiced a concern that I was texting too much (I really was texting ALOT over Christmas, whoops) and that she felt left out, etc. So we talked about it, and I told her who all I talk to and email via "crackberry" and got it sorted out just fine. She was really upset about it and I feel pretty bad. So, I don't text nearly as often. Problem solved and it was a great exercise for us to go through. She was afraid to say anything but she was really upset. I apologized profusely and we had a good, emotional talk. So, that was big progress. Today she went and got with a woman in AA she considers to be her sponsor. That's definitely a major change. She has been without a sponsor for most of her sobriety. So, we're both working on ourselves, in the company of one another. This week I will call to make a counselling appointment. I am nervous about this but we need to bring in an "expert" third party type person for a few sessions and see what they suggest.

Please pray for us if you think of it. God Bless :-)

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Syd said...

Sometimes there are bound to be blips as two people in a relationship work on their recovery. It is just the way it is for a while but then it gets better.