Wednesday, December 16, 2009

evening prayers

Tonite I had jr high CCD class to teach, then and Advent Mass with the high school class... It felt good to sit and pray with my kids... I've been teaching both the jr high and the high school kids about the Mass, what it means, what we're doing at Mass, etc. So, tonite was sort of a culmination, or demonstration/practice of what we've been talking about. I wonder if any of them got any of what I have shared lol.

I went in to church before class tonite and lit a tall votive/prayer candle for Kayla. I know she's having a tough time right now. It's tough being a 15 yr old girl. I hope and pray, and I have faith that she will come out alright despite all our efforts. I prayed several Hail Marys and asked God for guidance on how I can help her, and how I can help my marriage. It felt good to sit and pray, the sanctuary was all dark, except for the one candle beside the tabernacle, and the ring of candles and the base of the Mary and Joseph statues, where I lit the one for Kay. It was a nice, silent, peaceful moment with God.

I dunno, I just felt compelled to pop on and share this... I was going to hit the gym again tonite, but I got home too late.


enchantedoak said...

Those quiet moments of spiritual connection with our God are very satisfying on a deep level, aren't they?

Mary Christine said...

I love praying in the silence of church. And I am huge believer in lighting candles for people.

Syd said...

I think that Kayla will feel those prayers. I find comfort in many sanctuaries.