Monday, January 18, 2010

HP blessed me abundantly over the weekend, to be sure...

I attended a Men's AA retreat, the same one I go to each January since I helped start it 11 years ago. This year, rather than be a big part of the planning and the execution of the weekend, I went solely for my own benefit. It felt good to be there as simply an alcoholic attendee needing to work on himself. The "theme" of the weekend was "Drop the Rock" based on a book of the same title. We read and dicussed the book with details the process of practicing Steps 6 & 7, the removal of our shortcomings. It was an eye opener, since the temptation is to sort of "glaze over" these two Steps. There's not alot discussed in the Big Book about 6 & 7 so it is easy to run right along to Step 8.

I spent Friday evening in my room writing a 4th Step around my part in our marriage, and then had the occasion to give my 5th Step to my sponsor on Saturday and really get some good work done there. We had a priets available so I was able to not only make a thorough Confession and celebrate Reconciliation but I also was able to serve Mass and read the readings Saturday evening.

I spent a lot of time reflecting on my marriage, writing, praying, sharing, listening. I even had time to hit the road Saturday morning and get my 5K in. All in all, it was an exhausting weekend spiritually speaking but a very fulfilling one.

Coming home, I felt closer to my wife than I have in a long time. My folks came for a visit and to join us for a symphony concert in a local church, by candlelight. You've not really experienced Mozart's music fully until you've heard him performed live in a huge candlelit cathedral. What an incredibly spiritual, emotional experience on the heels of a weekend of self-discovery and healing.

And, like God does... He provided my wife and I with another evening alone via his friend's mom who asked if Ian could sleep over last nite. So she and I spent a quiet affectionate evening together, the first one like that in longer than I care to say. It never ceases to amaze me how God works in my life if I only ask Him and then let Him.

To say that I am grateful barely makes a beginning.


Mary Christine said...

Good stuff.

The Turning Point said...

Wonderful experiences, enjoy!!
and thanks for reawakening my retreat experience long ago at Gethsemane Ky. (Trappist. Funny how our marital relationship would improve as I grew spiritually.

God bless


Lou said...

Wow Scott, it doesn't get any better than this!

Sober Steve said...

Sounds like you still continue to grow in this program and in life.

Peace my bro

Scott said...

I got to man... it's grow or go, bro!

peace to you as well!

Syd said...

It sounds good. Having time for affection is definitely helpful!