Sunday, January 24, 2010

It felt nice to sleep until 9:15 this morning. I've been up early each day this week.

God continues to show himself very clearly in my life today. As I've been sharing lately, I am working on "becoming entirely ready" to have God remove some defects of characater. My wife and I have been changing our behaviour in an effort to improve our marriage. Well yesterday once again, God decided we needed more alone time and one of Ian's little buddies called to have Ian over all day and most of the evening. So, that was nice again... This seems to be happening alot lately all of a sudden. I made sure the blackberry was off all afternoon and evening so as not to be distracted by any texts from Kayla or anything else along those lines. (she's still very, very "nervvy" about the whole Kayla situation) We had a nice day together, went out for a bite at a local restaurant in town here. The place was packed so that was good to see. We went to Mass together and then hung out until Ian came home and we all watched US National Women's Figure Skating. It was a nice day together :-) Yay God!

Fri nite, I was at our HS basketball game raffling off baked goods for Rotary Club and our school acedemic association when the new band director walked up and we chit chatted. He's from the same university I attended and we know a lot of the same faculty, etc even though he is 15 yrs younger than I. But, he and I have really hit it off since he came to town and I have had a couple opportunities to help out with the band. Well he told me Fri evening that he has a proposition for me. The school has made available a "supplemental contract" for an assistant marching band director this coming fall (2010) and he asked if I would be interested in the part time position. I told him "hell yes" I would (I got my degree in music ed, and need some more income and LOVE teaching music/working with kids). I told him I'd have to get approval from my board and that if I did, I would love to have the position, to which he replied "it's yours if you want it."

So, I emailed my board first thing Saturday morning and three of the nine have already given there complete blessing. I am sure the rest of them won't mind. I made it clear when I hired in that the compensation was simply way too low (we have budget isues that have created this problem) and that I would be seeking additional part time something or other to make more money. The flexibility for such things is really built into the job so it's a good fit.

Suffice it to say, I am pretty damn excited about the whole thing. I didn't even ask how much money the contract is for, and frankly I really don't care. I am just flattered (more like blown away) that he asked (and set the job aside for me) and grateful for the chance to do more of what I love.

God has been very busy filling me with things to replace the objectionable "addictive" behaviours I seek to be rid of. He always does this, I ought to have more faith where other, more subtle things are concerned.

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Lou said...

That sounds like a wonderful opportunity to make a difference with kids and use your skills. The additional money is just icing on the cake!