Monday, January 25, 2010

Who knew that trying to develop a relationship with my "sorta daughter" Kayla would be so much fun? She's back to her tricks with boys, sleeping with the new bf already after we talked and talked (as nauseum) about the importance of staying celibate (hello, at age 15, nearly 16). She shared the lovely news with me first thing this morning. I am grateful that she confides in me, but with a text-only relationship (she's 2 hrs away), it's impossible to develop anything very meaningful and trustworthy.

She's gonna do what she's gonna do, and I had a long talk with her aunt about it this morning. I couldn't very well sit on that little tidbit without telling someone who's closer to her. I believe I have an obligation to do the right thing, and someone needed to know that she's doing this stuff again. I cannot do anything to stop her, all I can do is listen, pray and give her good guidance. My fear now is that she'll shut down since she "cannot trust me" to keep a secret. Well, this kinda secret isn't the kind I can afford to keep if I want to help her. So, we'll see what happens.

It's just hard, frustrating and a little painful even, but I volunteered for this shit and I love her too much to just not bother with her. So,if ya think of it, help me pray for her, and all the other young people that don't get the best from their parents and end up all screwed up.


Anonymous said...

you did the right thing. don't beat yourself up.

Syd said...

She is a minor so I think that you did the right thing. One day she may understand when she has a child of her own (hopefully later and not now).

Enchanted Oak said...

You're in a sticky spot with Kayla. Is her mother alive? Are you the only "sorta" parent she has? I don't think it's healthy for a 15 year old girl to be sharing her sexuality with a grown man. You need to steer clear of that.