Wednesday, January 27, 2010

to my blogging friends... here's just a bit of background for those of you playing the home game lol

I've talked at length about Kay with my current sponsor, my first sponsor who was around when I was in Kayla's life, raising her way back when, and my wife knows I am one of Kayla's "sounding boards." My wife simply isn't comfy with me diverting any attention outside our marraige right now, but she understands how important it is for me to have a relationship with Kayla. Kayla's dad doesn't pay much attention to her, and her mom, as sweet a woman as she is, doesn't do well with her either. Kay's mom (my ex fiance) treats Kayla just like her mom treated her and that was not pretty. Kay's aunt and I are who she talks to about a lot of stuff, and her aunt and I talk to each other alot and are on the same page right down to the syallable. I've known this family for 26 years so I've got the background pretty well in hand. I'm far from on an island with all of this and I am grateful for caring kind friends online that share their concerns and help me keep on the beam. I wasn't sure if blogging about this was a good thing, and in hindsight perhaps it wasn't. There's a lot of details/background behind the surface you're seeing.

The meeting thing... letting that one go, moving on. It bums me out but obviously God has a new plan for all of that and I have a new noon meeting to be a part of. I'll get over it.


dAAve said...

The journey continues.

Syd said...

I think that having a relationship with Kayla is a good thing. It will be a balancing act with your wife and Kayla--a good opportunity to apply program tools.