Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yesterday was a wonderful day... We held our 2nd Annual Winter Canal Hike, along the Miami and Erie Canal that runs thru our town. It was about 16 degrees, no wind and a light
"goosefeather" snowfall. It was a perfect morning for a trail hike. I got my 4 miles in, great workout trudging through the snow. We had 42 registered hikers, it was great!

Ian spent the afternoon and then the night at a friend's house so my wife and I had a "date" night. We went out to a local favorite mexican restaurant for a late supper and rented a movie. We haven't done anything like that in years. We talked about a lot of stuff and enjoyed each other. It looks like we're headed in the right direction. While my wife and I were at dinner, Kayla had texted me wanting to talk. So when I got home to my blackberry and saw that she had texted me, I shot her back a quick text and told her I'd get with her today. It felt good leaving the "crackberry" at home and it was a good move letting her know I was on a "date" with my wife. I will catch up with her today and see what's shakin'.

I went to the new noon meeting twice this week. It's definitely quite a different thing, going to a meeting with my wife. But, it's pretty kool. I reminds me of when we were dating. And after all, that's part of the dynamic we're trying to recapture... how it was when we were dating. So, it's been a good, positive week for me and all my little "projects." I even managed to hit the gym 3 times, and do that hike. I will hit the Y again today for another 5K. The goal is to be able to jog an entire 5K sometime this summer/fall. My wife runs, and Kayla runs, I want to be able to run with them.

Have a blessed day, may God's peace be with you all!


Lou said...

Awesome news about you and your wife..marriage is work. I believe many give up before the miracle happens...LOL

Syd said...

Sounds like a nice time with your wife. Date nights are highly recommended.