Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Good morning...

We had another good counseling session yesterday, then went to my favorite restaurant in Dayton, OH (we live about an hr north of there, and that's where our counselor is) for lunch. We covered lots of good ground with the counselor gal so, the progress continues.

I had the finest barbecue brisket sandwich I've had since living in Texas 16 yrs ago. That is saying something, because no one does brisket like Texans do brisket, period... end of story. I can tell you that the Dublin Pub (an AWESOME Irish pub/restaurant) in Dayton does some ass kicking brisket. I've been searching since I left Texas in 1994 and this is the best I've had since I moved home to Ohio. I shared my feelings with the owner... He already knew lol.

I am feeling the gratitude this morning so I want to share some. My wife and I are learning how to communicate better and our relationship is light years ahead of where we were, back before Christmas. We are able to talk thru things that would have normally led us down an unpleasant path. We're learning not to "tip toe" around each other and we're being more respectful. We're spending quality time together, sometimes doin nothing at all, sometimes talking, sometimes... well, it's just better now. We've invited God into our marriage and we're reading helpful literature and working on better behaviours. I pray that we continue to do better and work at this. I pray that we don't get any crazy expectations of a "perfect" relationship or anything silly like that. I just want it to stay real and be able to deal with things that come up. I am grateful.

I have to remind myself daily of a few things: I am an alcoholic/addict and I am prone to addictive behaviours, depressive thoughts and sometimes negative/intense reactions to things. I am sober only by the Grace of God, and the fellowship I've found in AA. The Steps, when practiced teach me that I can live today without drugs and alcohol, without being a big grouch. I can and do live a life of relative peace today, thanks to God, AA, blogging, prayer, the Steps and an improving, loving relationship at home.

Today is a good day, I plan to share this attitude throughout my day.


dAAve said...

I am SO happy to hear about the progress in your relationship. Fantastic!!

But I'm even happier to know if I ever end up in Dayton, I can find a decent brisket.

Syd said...

Sounds great to me. I'm glad that today is a good day. Mine is getting better.

Anonymous said...

Quality time together will heal the wounds. Keep going
If you enjoy comments as much as I do maybe you should think of switching off your word verification requirement, its a pain in the butt to busy bloggers