Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I've decided to cool off the new noon meeting a bit this week. I was there three times last week and it got a bit intense what with the flap about the Wednesday nite Men's meeting opening to all comers (see a couple posts ago if you really must know lol). I grew tired of having to be all happy and "principle-filled" while I could feel the inventory taking going on around me lol.

Today, my wife and I go for our second session of counseling. We begin seperately then finish together. Man, am I gonna give that counselor an earful now! (kidding... I am kidding lol). We both had to fill out a 10 page dissertation on our history from health to parents to sex to kids, education, you name it! Sheesh lol. Afterwards, we'll go to lunch together, someplace halfway kinda nice but not over the top. It's sort of our little thing I guess.

Al-anon literature has begun to play a more prominent role in our marriage for my wife, she reads every morning. I've had my nose in a great book on working through Steps 6 and 7 called "Drop the Rock." It discusses ways AA have worked to get rid of character defects/shortcomings. It would be more practical of course, if I had any character defects to be rid of, but I figure it's good reading, just in case :-) (again, kidding!)

I think I am going to try to get to Mass some during the week and see what kind of effect that has. It is a good time of year for that, given all that I am working on inside. Lent is coming, my favorite time of the year, liturgically speaking. I love the reflection, the effort to be closer to God and Christ we're to be making during this time of the year. And, it all culminates with Holy Week and Easter, right around the corner is Spring and the end of another CCD year lol. It's all good!

I hope you all have an awesome day!


Syd said...

I had to smile when you said that you had to write out your history. It sounds like another Step Five. Have a great day too.

The Turning Point said...

I've been wanting to comment since the other day. Interrupted constantly.
Wed night meeting--When I moved from Illinois to Ohio and "lead meetings" I missed have a discussion group. Had a hell of a time with the locals.
Within a year there were three in our little town.
This coming week we celebrate fifty-seven years of marriage. She, 49 yrs, 33yrs in alanon. and a lot of counseling in between.we took our vows seriously but more important, we knew we had to work through our issues sometime;so we may as well do it with someone we love and was willing to work on them. That or start all over again with someone new. The issues would follow us no matter what.

Sorry for the long winded comment

I look forward to your posts.