Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm headed to Columbus this morning for a day and a half conference for Chamber of Commerce Executive Directors. Sounds fun, huh? I've packed my beanie hat (with the propeller on top) and my whoopie cushion so I should be ready to run thru the halls of the hotel and act like a schoolboy lol. Actually, it'll be a good networking event and I hope to get with some successful chamber directors and get some good ideas to bring back to my little corner of the world. Plus it will be a nice little diversion from the normal routine.

After I am done Friday my wife is driving down to pick me up then we're off to West Virginia for the weekend for her dad's birthday. So, this whole weekend will be a nice getaway and should prove to be restful. Of course now that I don't have all the stress and insanity of my former job at the bank, I get more out of these weekends. The last time we stayed with her cousin in Charleston, I spent most of the time trying to work on my loans long distance, online and it wasn't pretty at all. I am so grateful to be out of that rat race.

I just want to be a better person today. I am glad I don't have any major "rehabilitative" issues going on any more. I am not quitting smoking, I am not detoxing or rehabbing. I am not weeks away from my last drunk. I am in "maintenance and growth mode" today. I recall the early days of recovery because I see newcomers at meetings. I don't even want to go back to those days and that's part of how I stay sober today. Newcomers remind me that it isn't any better out there than when I stumbled in 14 years ago. Today I can offer my hand, my experience, my hope that they too, a day at a time can get to a place where its all about the "maintenance and growth."

That's not to say I can afford not to be in meetings regularly. That's not to say I don't have to have a spritiual program AND a fellowship, "face to face" program. I cannot afford to rest on my laurels as they discuss on the Big Book. My disease is still my disease and I still have it. I am not cured, I am merely alot better than I once was and I am no longer actively addicted and using (Thank God).

Today, its simple for me... God, please continue to remove my obsession to drink. I pray that I open myself to Your Will, that I might receive and transmit Your Grace today. Thank You, for I know that all the good in my life comes from You and is a result of my sobriety.


Lou said...

You are right, drinking and drugging hasn't gotten any more "fun" than it used to be. People insist on learning the hard way, it seems.

I can relate to the job part. I used to be married to my work also.

Syd said...

I hope that you have a great weekend. It must be snowy there. When you mentioned Charleston, I was thinking wow, right here in SC. But I then realized that you were talking WV which is a beautiful spot also.