Monday, February 15, 2010

Ready, set, go!

Here we are again, another Monday morning and it's off and running! We've got yet another winter storm threatening to dump more snow on us today, oh goodie! This has been quite a snowy stretch for us here in West Central Ohio. I think the bulk of this one goes further south so we won't see the heaviest snows. I'm ok with that.

The Chamber Executives conference was really good. There was lots of good networking and lots of good information shared, definitely worthwhile. I had been hoping to be able to get online and blog but my wireless card seems to have died so there was nothing I could do but wait until we got back home last nite. And of course, by the time we got home I was not interested in blogging much, it had been a looooong day in the car with the family. On Friday afternoon we left for WV, right from the conference in Columbus. My wife was kind enough to drive down and pick me up and off we went. We had a nice visit with her family but it was really quick. Normally when we go down there, we spend more time but I have a chamber event tomorrow that I had to get back for.

In addition to all the chamber stuff I have going on for work, I am looking into the possibilites of getting more into my writing. I've asked some local journalists if they wouldn't mind taking a peek at the articles that have published in the local papers now that I have a small "body of work." One of them suggested that I purchase the AP Style book in order to familiarize myself with the proper, expected writing style for newspaper and journalism writing. The book is on its way from Amazon as we speak lol. See?? I CAN follow instructions!

God, just for today please help me be at peace and be sober. I don't mean just dry, but really sober. I pray that today I seek out ways to help others, to carry Your message. I pray that I see this day in terms of how much service I can give in Your name. Please be with my family, be with the alcoholic/addict who still suffers from active addiction. Please be with our niece Natalie as she work through her alcoholism and stays sober a day at a time. Thank You God, for this life today!


Lou said...

Your kind comments on my blog show that you do seek out ways to help others.

Syd said...

It sounds like you had a full plate. Yet, you handled it all with good humor. Your prayers are great to read.