Tuesday, February 16, 2010

wow 12,000 visitors, kool :-)

Well, this darn snow is going to kill me today. Our annual Fasching Fest (German Fat Tuesday)is today and it's snowing and blowing still, again, ad nauseum. Of course our main clientele, is over 60 so anything other than sunny and 70 kills our attendance, and this event has traditionally been a "get your tickets at the door" event. It looks as if perhaps we'll be sitting on a mountain of sausage and sauerkraut tonite if things don't improve. And the forecast isn't in our favor with snowshowers, blowing and drifting 1-3" snowfall again today. Perhaps I ought to consider giving up fundraising for Lent as it's already been given up for me lol. We really can't take too many more losing efforts when it comes to fundraising here at this little non-profit I run. Who knew this first year at the helm would be such a challenge, from that perspective. I am seeing now why the last guy left. We've got a turn around to put together. Today was set to be a big step in the "turnaround" direction. However, it's not looking good at this point.

On a less depressing note, (NOT) Ian is sick for the billionth time. He just can't get a break... We've had some sort of funk in this house since before Christmas and we cannot rid ourselves of it entirely. I feel bad for the lil guy because he has an especially difficult time getting rid of a bad cough due to a tracheal condition he was born with. It's a lot better than when he was a baby but it still makes it difficult for him to have a productive cough and get over colds and the like.

On a more positive note, at least my wife and I are getting on fairly well. The weekend was a bit of a test as I was really tired and severly "over stimulated" from that conference and really needed some quiet time and space. What I got was a 4 hr car trip down to a house full of family and a 6 hr car trip home lol. So, it seemd as if everything/everyone was all over my last nerve. It was relaxing but not relaxing if you take my meaning. But I put on a reasonably happy face all weekend long and got through it, no big deal.

I am supposed to go visit Kayla this weekend but they are already talking another winter storm so we'll just see what happens there.

I don't guess it was up to me to be captain inspiration this morning, sorry lol. I am one of those bloggers who blogs what's real, where he's at the moment he's writing. It's how I am in person as well... good old "heart-on-his-sleeve" guy, lol. The job today is for me to put together a positive attitude and make the most of what's looking like a potentially tough day. Of course, it IS Fat Tuesday so at least I have that going for me lol. I can overeat if I want, that always make it better, right?? I know the answer to that one lol.


Enchanted Oak said...

Fundraisers are always dicey, and when the weather wreaks havoc... darn. Still, all hope's not lost yet...we've had folks come out in a blinding rainstorm for good eats and fun away from home.

Syd said...

Glad to hear that some things are positive. I can only imagine having snow storm after snow storm. That would make me long for spring. I am longing for spring and it is just around the corner here.