Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow let it snow... Acceptance is the key, lol... Yea, it's another lovely "significant snow event" today and tomorrow. The snow has begun falling and it is simply beautiful outside. We had gotten nearly a foot Friday night and now we're forecast another 10+ inches, depending upon how the storm tracks. For us here in west central Ohio, this is indeed a significant snowfall. All the schools are already closed and we've barely gotten half an inch so, they must be expecting a real treat by this afternoon. Thankfully, I work here in town, about 5 blocks from my house so i don't have a long drive home.

I got back in the swing of things at the gym yesterday by playing another lunchtime full court basketball game. Last Monday I did that for the first time, and felt something gently pop in my left knee. So, I stayed out of the gym until yesterday. I was careful not to do anything crazy and while I could tell my knee isn't 100%, I played without injury and got some much needed exercise. The shovelling of snow on Fri nite and Saturday was God's way of helping me exercise without stressing the knee. He's always looking out for me, so thoughtful :-)

Things at home are peaceful these days. My wife and I are working constructively on our marriage and on ourselves (NOT on each other). It feels nice to not "dread" coming home after work. Things aren't perfect and we've got plenty of work ahead of us but we're in a good place and we're both happy to be there. God is in our marriage, we've done more to invite Him in.

I am reading this book "Drop the Rock" on Steps 6 and 7, I highly reccomend it if you're serious about Steps 6 and 7. I'm "working on character defects," praying for God's help with whatever He feels I need to improve upon in myself. I am praying for willingness to be rid of those things that I use to block myself from God's Grace. I know God will rid me of these shortcomings in His time and in His way. He always works His good works in me when I am ready.

God, thank You for this day. I appreciate Your amazing powers in nature and love to see what You can do with a little snow and wind. I pray that I keep an open mind and positive attitude about the whole thing. Please be with those who will be adversely affected by this newest snow storm. Thank You God for coming into our marriage, now that we've begun to do things to rejoin ourselves to You. Thank You God fo rour son, for AA and the Steps, for the beautiful simplicity of the Al-Anon program and the amazing literature that is opening our eyes to what our relationship could be.

peace be with you all!


Lou said...

I like your daily prayer, I think prayers are more meaningful to us when written out.

Brian Miller said...

thanks for dropping by today...snowing here today as well...though only about 5 inches...boys have not been to school in almost 2 weeks.

Syd said...

It sounds as if things are going well. The book on Steps 6 and 7 sounds like an interesting read.