Monday, February 08, 2010

Even though we're not far from "Colts Country" in west central Ohio, I was pulling for the Saints and good for them, they won! Congrats! What an awesome thing for a city who's still rebuilding after Katrina.

Our Scouts celebrated Scout Sunday yesterday and in addition to the Blue and Gold banquet, we went to church as a Pack/Troop. Each year we attend a different church in our community, rotating through the four churches. This year we attended a more modern Christian church. I am not even sure what "denomination" they claim, it's jsut a basic Christian church. The service was longer than I am used to with Mass and there was plenty o fsinging along with thier contemporary music group and then a long scripture lesson from the pastor. It was really nice, and we had a really nice size group attend so it was a kool public Scouting event that way. I love that we encourage the boys to see various faiths and experience some of the various forms of Christian worship that are out there.

I was feeling a bit rough, emotionally speaking over the weekend. I've been sorta bitchy and not wanting to talk much, and Ian and my wife have been on my nerves. I don't know if its from all the "external stimulus" from these work and scouting events with all the people lately or what. I am quite sure the problem isn't with Ian or my wife lol. They are just being who they are, nothing out of the ordinary. I can say that as I go through the process of changing my primary care physician, my prescriptions are going to run out soon and I have been taking my mild anti-depressant less than daily in an effort to not run out before I can get a new scrip. Perhaps that's a part of whassup with me. I had better be careful there, and boost up the prayer machine lol.

I think a visit to the noon meeting is in order today :-)


Heavenly father, thank You for this day. Thank You for the incredible winter landscape You've blessed us with, even if it meant a LOT of shovelling. Thank You for the additional exercise while me knee healed, keeping me from the gym :-). I give myself to You this day in hopes of finding Your Will, Your mission for me. Lead me in the direction You think is best and I just pray that I have the peace and grace to go with the flow. please be with my wife and son, my nephew D who just broke his leg playing hockey, my niece N who's in a halfway house now, done with her stint at rehab, my sorta daughter person Kayla who just simply is who she is. Be with the Haitian people and the folks who are there to help. Thank you for AA, Al-Anon, Scouting, marriage counseling, bloggers, Church, all the good stuff :-)


Lou said...

The church idea is awesome! Part of being a well rounded person is accepting other faiths.

dAAve said...

A meeting is always a nice solution.