Monday, February 22, 2010

misc monday stuff

I had my first appt with the new doc this morning. That went well, I like this fellow much better than my former doc. He and I just never really 'hit it off' and I always felt as if I were an interruption when I called that doc's office and that just pissed me off lol. My BP was 136 over 92, a little higher than I'd like so I am going to keep an eye on that. Perhaps my overweightedness has something to do with that. I weigh 70 lbs more that I want to and my BMI is butt-ugly. I asked him about weight loss and he put it simply: "eat less, exerise more." Of course, we discussed a few particular things I need to be doing but the overall theme is pretty simple lol. I also got my Zoloft (actually generic for Zoloft) scrip refilled so I will be picking that up later today. It'll be a welcome relief to get back on track with that, whew!

I've taken the plunge with the Chamber of Commerce and gotten us a presence on twitter and facebook. I think it's going to be a great way to improve our outreach, especially with people who prefer to get their info online and on mobile devices. I am pretty excited.

I am sober today only by the Grace of God and so God I thank You for this miracle. Without You in my life, I would be a shambles.

Although I have been a bit "off the beam" emotionally lately, I am grateful for my life and all my blessings. I have so many good friends, I have AA, Chruch, Lent (my fave church season), a great job, an awesome (and getting awesome-er) home life...

A friend of mine shared her story with me via cell phone on my drive home from Kayla's house Saturday. She lost her fiance to cancer this fall. He wasn't even 35. She stayed at his side and took care of him the entire time he was going through his battle and she inspires me to become a better person. She about had me in tears as she related her story. They were tears of inspiration and tears of hope. They were tears of gratitude for having such an incredible person for a friend. I cannot imagine going through what she's gone through and now her mom is going downhill with lung cancer. Please keep Jaime and her mom in your prayers. She is abundantly full of the Holy Spirit and inspires me daily.


Steve E said...

Yeah! Right! Eat less and exercise more. Just how simple is THAT? BTW, I know what you mean by "Butt-Ugly".

Jaime is learning all about the corporal works of mercy--one of the finer ways of doing God's will (Mother Teresa?)

You write a good blog, Scott. Thanks!

Syd said...

Thanks for sharing all of this. I am reminded that my health is good and I have no mortal diseases at this point. Life is pretty good when I think about it.