Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am grateful!

Baseball evaluations are this morning. Ian is slated to play on the 1st/2nd grade coach pitch team again this year as he is in 2nd grade. However, the 2nd grade boys are invited to come to 3rf-4th grade evaluation day to see if they get "called up" to play on a 3rd grade team. With the shortage of 1st & 2nd grade boys this year, they are telling us that they probably won't call and 2nd graders up to play with the 3rd graders. But, we've decided to go to evaluations anyway so Ian can see what happens, go through the experience because next year he'll have to do it. basically, they evaluate each boy and place them on teams based on their skill level. It should be a good experience for him, the first time for something like this.

We live in a small town and many parents around here are insanely competitive when it comes to their kids with school and sports. My wife and I are not those parents. However, I understand the reality of the situation so we need to prepare Ian for that nonsense. I want him to learn to succeed and to learn to fail, all in a healthy manner. I want him to be able to deal with some of the goofballs around here that get so wrapped up in this stuff. So, we're entering the fray today lol.

Tonight I get to go visit my dad and check out the Toledo Symphony. We do this a couple times a year when my step mom cannot use her ticket due to a grandkid sporting event or some other conflict. We're going to hang out and talk, eat something really good and do some catching up. Tonight, the symphony will be playing a couple of my favorite Richard Strauss tone poems: "Till Eulegnspiegel's Lustige Streiche" and "Tod un Verklarung." Til Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks and Death and Transfiguration are the English translations. They will also perform the Brahms Violin Concerto. This will be an awesome performance! There's nothing on earth quite like a live symphony performance.

Tomorrow is a busy day as well, with our Chamber of Commerce Spring Home Show. I have to get back home from Toledo yet tonight so I can be up at 6 for the marathon day lol. It's all good... It'll be lots of talking, PR stuff, some live radio broadcast stuff, meeting folks, etc. I love this sort of thing so it's not really like working to me.

Today, life is amazing. I think I kinda posted most of this yesterday but I sometimes like to share all of the good stuff that comes my way so other recovering peeps get the message. There IS life after drugs and alcohol. It's a great life today! I have God, AA, people like you folks all to thank for the miracle of my life! I am grateful!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a great weekend!

Syd said...

It sounds as if you have a balanced approach to competitive sports. That's a good thing. I've seen parents be crazy about their children winning at this or that.