Monday, March 01, 2010

monday morning...

Dang, Monday morning gets here quickly! I really would've liked to stay in bed this morning but, I have to get up pretty early every other Monday morning in order to call in to a local radio station and give my "report" on what's going on with the Chamber of Commerce. So, the work week begins bright and early for me!

I did manage to get everything done I had hoped to accomplish this weekend so that's good! I even had time to watch about half the Olympic Hockey game and some of the NASCAR race. What an awesome game it turned out to be! It is disappointing that we didn't win, but you have to feel good for Canada, winning on home ice and all. We really enjoy the Olympics and the winter Games are my favorite. It was nice to get a good look at Vancouver, as I have been wanting to visit there for some time. Maybe some day we'll get up there, it looks like a wonderful city, and you just can't beat the scenery.

I was talking about Lent yesterday, and my need and desire to practice self-denial. As Catholics, there are three Lenten practices we like to follow. One is fasting (or the self denial I was discussing), another is prayer (a more concerted effort to connect with God than normal) and the last is almsgiving. I asked Ian if he'd like to give some money at Mass yesterday and he offered up $5 bucks. I thought that was pretty generous of him, and it made me smile. He also shovelled off the driveway (more like scraped, lol there wasn't much snow) Saturday in order to earn some money for his offering can. Hopefully, with these types of things we can teach him the importance of giving to others in need. Also, through Cub Scouts I try to teach him about giving of self because I believe that almsgiving isn't just about money. I believe we need to give of our time, talents and treasure if we have it to give. We don't have a lot of treasure so we give what we can. But, I give plenty of my time and talents whenever I can. AA taught me the importance of giving in order to get out of myself. And, given the amount of time I spend thinking about me, almsgiving is a much needed practice for this alcoholic.

Dear God, thank You for this day. Please remove from me all of my addictive obsessions just for today. I know You will because You always have and for that I am grateful. I pray that You're with those who are struggling with illness, insanity, poverty, injustice, pain and suffering. Please guide me to those whom I can most help today. Help me think of You first and others second. I know that by living my life this way I will be served with much abundance. Again, thank You for this day.

peace to you all...

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Syd said...

I think that there are so many ways to give of our time and talents. You are a great example of reaching out and giving to others.