Thursday, March 04, 2010

people person

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to meet a TON of wonderful people. This is especially nice when I am in fit spiritual condition (not so much when I ain't, if you know what I mean...) I had running to do, places to go this morning, the sun was brightly shining and I was getting a fresh cup of coffee at one of my chamber member businesess and I struck up a wonderful conversation with a truck driver... It was just really nice to meet a stranger, share a pleasant conversation and leave each other smiling.

It has taken me a long time to regain my comfort with people. I used to be this way by nature, until my alcoholism & drug addiction took root and blossomed. Then, I became annoyed with people, feeling interrupted alot or under appreciated, or just fearful of successful people and finally toward the end I avoided people as much as possible. Thanks to God, AA and the 12 Steps I've come back out of my shell (big time) to become an outgoing person, outwardly friendly with strangers, comfortable speaking in front of large groups, working with kids and the public. I wonder where I'd be with all of this had I not gotten sidetracked by my addictions!

A funny post script, as I was writing this post, a woman came into the chamber office and "interrupted" my progress. She is in town from Michigan and was looking for a good place to eat and a good cup of coffee. We ended up talking for over a half an hour. I learned about her career, her daughter, where she lives, where she is originally from. All, because I was friendly with her. Kool!


Lou said...

I have an uncle, he is a big drinker but I would not call him an alcoholic. He makes friends everywhere he goes. He loves strangers, and makes everyone feel important. I have watched him strike up conversations, and wished I could have such an easy manner with others.

Steve E said...

AMAZING what happens when we "reach out". Ya get the notion that EVERYone likes good company, likes to talk, enjoys a social life. We ARE social beings after all, I guess...

--Finally, with head-out-of-sand!