Wednesday, March 24, 2010

progress, not perfection

"Then I was made aware that character defects are like active addiction. I couldn't keep using and exepct God to remove my disease. Niether could I keep practicing my character defects and expect God to remove them.

I was going to have to develop a new set of habits - to work against who I thought I'd always been - and as I practice these new habits, the old habits/character defects would begin to be replaced." -"Drop the Rock" p.11

It makes sense to me... just like my drinking, drugging, smoking, lusting, swearing, you name it. If I want to stop doing it, I need to stop doing it. Early in AA it was put to me like this: AA is a cafeteria style program. You get off your rear, serve yourself, pay for it, sit back down and enjoy it. No one is going to serve you or bring you what you need. It's a buffet and you can have as much or as little as you like. You have to clean up after yourself as well...

For me, with many more "subtle" or "pleasant" defects of character... I pray, beg, ask, remind God that these objectionable things needs to be removed. And in meetings we hear all the time "in His time." There is definitely (I believe) some truth to the "in His time" bit for sure but, if I really want to be rid of the things I don't like about Scott, I've got to do some work on top of my prayer. This is a program of action and self change is the action Bill W and the first 100 refer to in the 12 X 12 and in the Big Book.

I am glad I read this passage again in my book this morning. I need to be reminded. Thank God this is a "program of progress, rather than perfection."


drybottomgirl said...

Ahhhh...I needed your blog this morning. I am struggling with the change. Sometimes I see results quickly, sometimes I feel I should be doing more. You are right, this requires action to change on my part. Thank you for stating this so matter of factly!

Syd said...

I like the cafeteria style of Al-Anon too in which I can take what I like and leave the rest.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the reference to "Drop the Rock." Book meant a lot to me and I think is terrific for Steps 6and 7. Thanks for the reminder!

The Turning Point said...

In my RCA, AA, Alanon meetings we all pray the Serenity Prayer. However my wife and I have learned in the RCA group we tack on "and the willingness to take action." It's a reminder that without the action,(ie: acceptance, change, and being open to Wisdom) nothing happens.

Thanks for the post.


~ Tabitha ~ said...

We are always progressing even when we slip up or back Scott.
We just don't realize it until
later..when we progress some more.
lol..Good post..Thanks for sharing.

Enchanted Oak said...

This reminds of something I've heard in meetings: It's not old behavior if you're still practicing it.