Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 'o the mornin'

Happy St Patrick's Day to one and all! I am Scottish, this is the closest thing I have to a celebration of my heritage and I'll take it! I love the Irish, Ireland, beef boxty, corned beef and cabbage and I've surely drunk my fair share of pints 'o guiness in my day. So, this is a day for me!! I hope you all enjoy something Irish or Celtic today :-)

Spring is coming along nicely in West Central Ohio... Lots of sun, temps approaching 60, a marked difference from the past few days. This is my favorite season, followed closely by everything that isn't winter lol. Our bulbs are pressing skyward, the birds are singing in the morning when I awake. The lawns are slowly greening and buds are appearing on some trees and shrubs. It's a season of new promise and renewal, not unlike Lent and Easter. The miracle of God is so apparent to me during this time of year.

Monday evening we held our fisrt baseball coaches meeting of the season. I am going to help coach my son's baseball team again this year and I cannot wait! Now understand this: I am NOT an athelete or baseball expert/coach by any stretch. But, I have a ball working with the boys, getting them excited and teaching them a few fundamentals along the way. For eight Mondays in a row in May and June, I get to play ball with 10 1st/2nd grade boys and focus on ball for 90 minutes each week. Baseball is another reason I love spring and summer so much!

My life today is filed with goodness, good things, great people, awesome activities. I have a relationship with a power greater than myself, a Higher Power, God (for me). It is only because of God that I've been given (and continue to receive) my daily reprieve, my daily miracle, my daily mercy, forgiveness and grace. If I hadn't found God in AA, who knows where or what I would be. Today I am just a grateful servant, pressing forward on my journey of hope, recovery and miracles. I am so damn glad I decided to go to my first AA meeting.


The Turning Point said...

Amen to all your, our, my gifts.
All in spite of myself.

Have a great St. Paddy's day.


Syd said...

Things are greening up here as well. Hope that you have a great day with the Irish fare.

drybottomgirl said...

Remember everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's day! Your blogging about springtime and blessings made me smile. As I was taking something out to the garage last night I saw a robin sitting on top of the fence. Spring is the time for renewal. May everyone be lucky enough to be born again! Enjoy your day....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the color of the day and for the gratitude. Nothing says Spring to me like baseball. Loved coaching my son's teams. Enjoy every minute of it. About being a Scotsman on St. Patrick's Day, I heard someone say that made them want to drink all the beer they could find but not want to pay for it! Just kidding!! Have a great day!!!