Monday, March 15, 2010

Gratitude Monday

Its the beginning of a new week! Hopefully the sun will return lol. We've had 3+ days of grey, windy rainy early spring-like days (which are most certainly better than 3+ days of bitter cold and snow!) and I am ready to see the sun again!

I've been reading about a good bit of gratitude on the blogs I follow so I thought maybe it was time I share my own gratitude list. I think its a nice way to kick off a dark Monday morning.

I am grateful for...

an extended period of time where I can reflect, pray and act on how I need to be closer to God (Lent)

my sobriety, the program of AA and the Twelve Spiritual Steps

the progress my wife and I are making in our marriage

a new start this morning, that I don't have to carry the stresses and failures of last week into my day

freshly percolated coffee in one of my favorite mugs

a place where I can share where I am

God's gift of music in my life

my son

reasonably good health

So there it is, a list of things to be grateful for! If you've a mind to share something you're feeling especially grateful for, by all means please share it. I believe that gratitude is a state of mind best shared with others and spread far and wide. Gratitude is one of the essential elements of a lasting, contented, peaceful sobriety.

Have a great day!


dAAve said...

I'm really glad that your marriage is looking better. Perseverance is the principle behind Step 10.

It was 80 deg here yesterday. LOL

The Turning Point said...

Rain drizzly gray cold but the dogwoods were starting to bloom in Birmingham...
This way of life is filled with so much gratitude and so little time to share it all.
Again, great about your coupleship.


Anonymous said...

Grateful that each new day can be just that. Thanks for sharing your gratitude list on this Monday morning.

drybottomgirl said...

Grateful that you have so much to be grateful for....blessings!

Syd said...

I'm grateful for spring blossoms, cloudy days, catching up on rest, and my home group tonight. All great things. Happy Monday Scott.

Sober Steve said...

I'm grateful today's in a row!!