Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, brrrrr

Whew, spring isn't quite here yet, lol! It's cooold but at least it's rainy and not snowing. I don't have to shovel rain :-)

My wife plays in the bell choir at church, they played at Mass this morning. There's nothing quite like the sound of a bell choir at Mass. I love when they play. I told her that. She smiled.

I hope our meetings in town can withstand the ridiculous drama brought on by some of the folks lately. It seems as if there has to be this constant bit of drama with people being mad over stupid stuff. I pray that this nonsense doesn't ruin the meetings for everyone. There are a couple of heads I would like to knock together but hey, I don't think it's up to me to be judging others. I'll just be there to help keep the meetings going once the knuckleheads leave on a resentment. That's usually what ends up happening.

I am hoping for a less intense week this week at work. There was some unpleasant stuff this past week and I hope its behind me. Small town politics is never fun. Again, it's more stuff I don't see the need for. Thankfully, I don't have to get all cranked up about things like I used to. I still have a short-ish fuse (its longer than it used to be), but it burns quickly and its gone.

We are going to be getting ready for the annual community garage sale. Please kill me, lol. This thing always gets my wife all wound up. Maybe this year will be different lol. I surely hope so!

Here's to a peaceful Sunday afternoon spent home with the boy, workin on lesson plans for this week's CCD class.


Enchanted Oak said...

I'm glad you're prepared to keep the meeting going after the knuckleheads get a resentment and leave! LOL
It makes me smile to hear you reflect on your growth. It shows. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your day and hang in there this week!

Syd said...

Let those who want to break serenity go at it. I can just walk away. It's not my fight unless I choose to make it mine. I hope that this is a better week for you.